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When a record is created or assigned, automatically share the record with all child business units of the owner.

When you have complex business units, sometime you need the ability for users in lower level business units to see records in the business units above them. However, you cannot give Organisation level access, as you only want them to see records in Business Units directly above them, and not adjacent business units.

Automatic sharing of records with ALL child business units.
Can be configured on any user owned entity
Handles deep Business Units (will share all the way down your Business Unit hierarchy).
Shares with Default Teams, so users moving between Business Units will automatically inherit access.
If a record is reassigned it will be shared with the new Business Unit, and removed from the old.

Any teams manually shared with records will be removed when a record is reassigned (can be turned off, but not recommended).
When a new Business Unit is created, it will not have access to records in Parent Units until those records are reassigned.
Any records that exist before this plugin is configured will not be shared until those records are reassigned.
Gives everyone access, even if their roles don't have access to the entity
It's either on for everyone or off for everyone, not role based.

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Created by Paul Nieuwelaar | @paulnz1
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